Retail Uncensored

Various retail stories from over the years.


For those of you wondering what vpl’s are. Well that is short for visible panty lines. They aren’t cute, and I was reminded of that last night. It was a friday downtown, and all the girls are walking around ready to go to the club. Well one particular girl stood out cause of her somewhat unattractive outfit. She was walking about 6 feet away from me, and I guess I was looking at her outfit a little too long to figure out what was wrong with it. Well when it came time for her to pass me I saw part of what was wrong. She had on a very short tight spandex skirt with oh what is that, her granny panties on. Ladies when wearing spandex you should never ever ever wear full coverage. Those vpl’s are not cute when you are at the club. If I can see them from 6 feet away, every guy you are trying to hit on at the club can too. And we all know that guys are not a fan of granny panties when they are trying to hook up at the club. Sorry girl, but you are probably going home alone tonight.

Lesson of the day, don’t wear your full coverage to the club when wearing spandex. 


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